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A legacy built on dreams

Our story

Over eight decades ago, our founder Don Mateo Litchi migrated from Greece to Mexico where he was able to use raw materials to make hand-crafted and internationally-inspired jewelry for women and men’s everyday wear.

Today, that small jewelry shop he set up has grown into an international design center that manufactures and ships high quality, artisan jewelry across three continents, and supplies more than 30 distribution centers throughout the United States, Latin America and Europe.

Expanding upon his father’s legacy, Salvador Litchi, decides to create Nice & Bella in 1996 with the purpose of supporting entrepreneurs with big dreams and determination, to transform their lifestyle.


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Our design process Beautiful products

With more than 80 years of manufacturing expertise and skilled craftsmanship, our jewelry artisans create everyday luxury designs. From trendy jewelry to chic fashion accessories,we infuse our knowledge of global style trends and strict quality control measures to create beautiful, high-quality products. We source and use the best materials from all over the world, like gold, rhodium, and surgical-grade stainless steel, and we continuously improve our operations, with a focus on renewable technologies and sustainable processes.

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Our purpose

The Nice family acknowledges that education, nutrition, and healthcare play a large role in the success of every generation. For over 17 years, The Nice Foundation has led high impact social, educational, and healthcare projects, from conception to execution, to continuously improve the quality of life of children in disadvantaged communities.

La Villa de Los Niños

Happy kids we support Making kids smile

This institution has received important and kind donations such as transportation and literature materials for their new study center.

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The Nice Foundation has focused on providing thousands of children specialized medical care such as open-heart surgeries, brachial plexus operations, and cancer treatments and recovery.